Yoni/ lingam workshop with Toña Wong Chung

Join Toña Wong Chung for this revolutionary workshop for both males and females. 

The yoni/lingam sequence is a combination of yin yoga, tantra, kundalini yoga and Shamanistic healing. The meaning of this sequence is to bring awareness to our sexual energy as being the fundamental energy of our existence. A deep understanding of this energy creates freedom of body and spirit.
This yoni/lingam session is an opportunity to clear out pain and shame that is connected to this area. As we transform this pain together, especially in a group, deep healing takes place not only for ourselves but also for our brothers and sisters on the planet that suffer from sexual wounds. Even the untransformed pain of our ancestors may manifest itself to be understood and transformed.

This workshop is suitable for both men and women who:
– are curious about sexuality & healing;
– have (bad) experience around sexuality;
– are enthousiast/professionals in this field.

Price: eur 60,-
Location: to be announced
Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2n1IKN3

Please bring along an open mind, your own yogamat, a towel, bottle of water, note book & pen.
For more info please call 7644392 or email contact@sankalpayogi.com

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