• Calm the mind, relax and connect

Welcome at SankalpaYogi for Yoga in Paramaribo. The aim of Sankalpayogi is to provide a yoga community where regardless your background, religion, age or  lifestyle you can practice yoga and calm the mind, relax and connect. At SankalpaYogi we acknowledge that everyone and every body is different. We offer you a personal approach and love to share with you ancient and modern knowledge of yoga. Our focus for adults is on Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga and in general Hatha Yoga ( all of these are Hatha Yoga styles). Yoga for kids, teens, prenatal, postnatal & family is also offered from Jewell Yoga. Since October 2018 we also offer Aerial and Aqua Yoga. We also offer different workshops and courses for your personal and spiritual development.

Create an online account below. This way you can easily sign up and cancel classes and workshops through our Online Scheduler on internet or use our Mobile App. After that go to our schedule on our website and use the login details you have created. We offer new visitors to our studio 3 classes for SRD 80,- for adults and SRD 75,- for kids. To be paid when you come for your first class. We look forward to meet you!