Why our studio?

Yoga is personal journey and practice, which is why it is very important where you will do it. We will take this into account as much as possible in our studio spaces in North and South Paramaribo, but also through: 

  1. creating a safe environment where you can be yourself and you can develop yourself; 
  2. our house rules;
  3. our approach to students by applying the Yamas (ethical guidelines for our behavior) and Niyamas (ethical guidelines for self);
  4. enthusiastic and certified yoga teachers;
  5. diverse schedule of group classes for adults and children; 
  6. offering of private classes;
  7. diverse offering of workshops, courses and training;
  8. attracting foreign teachers to Suriname;
  9. our attention not only on the yoga postures ( asanas) but also working with the breath and life energy in the body (pranayama), meditation and focus (dharana and dhyana), and yoga philosophy (gyana);
  10. easy online sign up and cancellation of classes, workshops and events through;
  11. active facebook page with news, information, knowledge, inspiration; 
  12. especially lots of love and passion to share modern and ancient knowledge of yoga with you! 

See you soon at the studio! 

Mi lobi yoga. Yu sa lob’ing tu!  ~ SankalpaYogi    Ik love yoga. You will love it too!