About us

Welcome at SankalpaYogi where we like to share ancient and current knowledge of yoga with you. You will learn to still your mind, to relax and to reflect. In our yoga classes we combine body postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. We find it very important to teach our students that yoga is more than just practicing postures. It is all about how we treat ourselves and our environment. It is for this reason that we also incorporate yoga philosophy in our offerings.

Since November 2014 SankalpaYogi offers yoga classes, workshops and courses in South of Paramaribo, Suriname. SankalpaYogi was founded by Hatha Yoga Teacher and Health Coach Riim van den Berg. Since 2015 Riim has partnered with Jane Saman to offer yoga in her studio in North of Paramaribo.

As per January 2017 Jane Saman and Mandy Chiu Hung have taken over and are the new owners of  SankalpaYogi. The SankalpaYogi Family in Suriname has  also adopted Jewell Yoga (specialized in Kids, Teens, Prenatal, Postnatal with baby and Family Yoga). Both Jane and Mandy are certified Hatha Yoga Teachers, passionate about yoga and always happy to share teachings with all enthusiasts.

The name originates from Sanskrit. It means purpose or solution. In the tradition of yoga we know the practice of Sankalpa. It can also be translated to affirmation or positive thought. Intrigued by the power of positive intentions, we invite our students to set an intention at the beginning of the class prior to starting the physical practice of yoga. It is a very powerful way to direct the energy to that intention so that it may manifest in one’s life.