Bela Lipat back in Suriname!

Dear yoga community in Suriname,
Our dear teacher Bela Lipat (Authorized Ashtanga Teacher Level I) is back in Suriname for the third time. We are so honoured to have her here. Whether you are an Ashtanga Practitioner or you would like to explore the practice we have something suitable for you.
You can either join her 9 day program or follow separate workshops or programs.
In order to understand and experience yoga as defined in the yogic texts, one has to move from simply practicing to Sadhana. Sadhana means sustained effort over a period of time for a long duration to achieve the aims set out by yoga. There has to be regularity and continuity in that effort, plus belief or conviction. This is stated in the Yoga Sutras (1:14): Sa tu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara sevito dridha bhumih – “It (sadhana) becomes firmly grounded by being continued for a long time with reverence, without interruption.”
Bela will offer a Yoga Intensive Program and different workshops.  All levels of practitioners are most welcome!
For more information READ HERE and sign up!

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