SankalpaYogi in Suriname

Dear yogis,
In 2014 I founded SankalpaYogi when I moved to Suriname and was so happy to meet my yogini sisters Mandy and Jane. With their support we have been able to offer yoga in Paramaribo since November 2014, renting studio space at Jewell Yoga for location South and since September 2015 Jane has been offering yoga classes again in North Paramaribo.
I knew that my time in Suriname would be temporarily because of my husband’s work. Time just flies because it is the end our assignment here in Suriname. My husband will start mid May a new assignment in Central America, Panama. I will be moving as soon as all the paperwork is finalised of our children. As many of you know we have been blessed with two beautiful children here in Suriname. So my exact leaving date is not yet known, however time has come to hand over my activities. The outlook is that I will be here until end of May.  As long as I am here I will continue to teach on Thursday Ashtanga and Yang Yin Yoga class and Wednesday morning mysore.
The most wonderful thing is that SankalpaYogi will continue in Paramaribo.
My sister yoginis Mandy and Jane have decided they want to take over SankalpaYogi. They will continue to offer different forms of Hatha Yoga classes, workshops and training in Paramaribo. I am really grateful for that! I have alot of confidence that they will do a wonderful job in inspiring people to Calm the mind, Relax and Connect! Of course I will be around in the region to help and support them where I can.
I will continue to use the name SankalpaYogi in Panama.
Please join me in congratulating Mandy and Jane! 
Effective as of now Jane and Mandy are the new owners of SankalpaYogi in Suriname. Jane  will be the first contact for students and teachers at SankalpaYogi. Mandy will be responsible for all marketing and administrative related activities. Both of them will also teach yoga classes and workshops. Please check out contact details on our website. 
Victoria van den Berg van Saparoea will continue to work for SankalpaYogi until end of March. We are very thankful for her help the last months. 
Although I have not yet left, I would like to take the opportunity express my gratitude to all of you who have been part of my journey here in Suriname and at SankalpaYogi. I have learnt so much! Thank you! You can keep following me on instagram or facebook @yoginiriim
For any questions you may have please do not hesitate to call me or mail me at or contact Jane and Mandy on
Love and light
Riim van den Berg
Hatha yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach

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